Como la vida puede ser
George Colligan Quartet / Perico Sambeat
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George es increible en el terreno del flamenco jazz, es un músico de pies a cabeza incluyendo el alma.

Como La Vida Puede Ser George Colligan Featuring: Perico Sambeat (as, ss, ts, palmas), Mario Rossy (ac-b), Marc Miralta (d, cajón, percussion), Guillermo Magill (cajón), Antonio Serrano (h), Tom Guarna (g) Comments / Reviews: "The music is a heady brew - with an emphasis on heady as opposed to headlong thrusts -- there is much good sustenance here, suitable for return trios revealing the gifts in stronger detail each time out. Keep an ear on George Colligan." By Willard Jenkins - Jazz Times **************************************** "...Poise isn"t all that Colligan brings to the keyboard. There"s exuberance and improvisational flair, harmonic deftness, and a sometimes soulful, sometimes tender lyricism...Colligan"s future is as bright as the attack he frequently favors..." By Mike Joyce - Billboard **************************************** "Colligan refuses to fall back into passive comping patterns when his bandmates are soloing; he continually prods the soloists with probing, unexpected phrases and expects everyone else to do the same." By Geoffrey Hines - The Washington Post **************************************** Top 20 Latin Jazz CDs - 2001 "This CD features an able group of Spaniards that the piano player George Colligan befriended a few years ago. Lead horn Perico Sambeat, bassist Mario Rossy and drummer Marc Miralta are just very solid and interesting jazz musicians that dig the flamenco groove. Colligan not only plays piano and trumpet but is a very good composer. The compositional masterpiece of the album is the title track. Here is how a reviewer described it: "An energetic romp with a terse melody voiced by soprano sax and harmonica, we find Colligan"s trumpet engaging in call and response mode over the tune"s subsequent development. His piano spot builds great momentum, the chords bounding in and out of time like a lively box of Mexican jumping beans." By Gregory F. Pappas (www.latinjazznetwork)


1. El Gitano De Nueva York 2. Underdog 3. Piedra Solar 4. Sobre Como a Vida Puede Ser 5. Happiness Was... 6. First Kiss Goodbye 7. I Fall In Love Too Easily 8. Conception Recorded in Barcelona, 2000