Paoli Mejias
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Excelente trabajo de este percusionista puertorriqueño, experimenta con los mas vanguardistas músicos de jazz. ritmo de manera única.

A historic recording, if only for the depth of the talent involved, featuring some of the best players in the New York scene, including the ever present Hans Glawischnig on bass, Luis Perdomo on piano, Antonio Sanchez and Tony Escapa on drums, Miguel Zenon, Jaleel Shaw, Ricardo Pons and Chris Cheek on saxophones and the leader Mejias on drums; he's helped on two tunes by Tito De Gracia. And they produce some fierce and intelligent music, as might be expected. It's searching jazz, flexible, and at this point so much modern jazz has taken on the Spanish tinge that it's hard to separate this as Latin jazz; it's just modern, part of the geometry of invention that includes Havana, Puerto Rico, New York and a good part of the rest of the world. Some tunes have tumbaos, like the tag on Jibarology; some don't. Hard to find a cliché; this is the sound of the modern world. Again, historic. Highly Recommended. READ ADDITIONAL REVIEWS - Peter Watrous, Descarga Independently produced by Paoli Mejías Featuring internationally acclaimed musicians: Miguel Zenón - Sax Jaleel Shaw - Sax Antonio Sánchez - Drums Tony Escapa - Drums Luis Perdomo - Piano Hans Glawischnig - Bass Paoli Mejías - Percussion & Chris Cheek - Sax Christian Nieves - Cuatro / Puerto Rican Guitar Rafael "Tito" De Gracia - Timbales Ricardo Pons - Sax Yan Carlos Artime - Chorus