Seminarios de jazz y música latina

Del 04-07-2011 al 07-07-2011
XIII International Workshop of Jazz and Latin Music
Palau de la música Valencia 5 to 8 July 2011

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Music: Jesús Santandreu Quartet

XIII Internacional Workshop of Jazz and Latin Music
de la Música of Valencia
5 to 8 July 2011

It is a pleasure for collective Sedajazz to be able to offer you the XIII International Workshop of jazz and Latin music at the Palau de la Musica in Valencia, a new edition of this exciting event of intensive live music. A place where we will meet musicians from all around the world to share knowledge and enjoy a learning experience.

We are thrilled and honored to have musicians of high standing performance and great teachers. Some of them are jazz legends such as Jerry Bergonzi, Mike P. Mossman, Rick Peckham, Perico Sambeat and Zé Eduardo; also, specialists such as Dave Santoro, Andrea Michelutti, Ivan "Melon" Lewis, Joey Blake, Toni Belenguer, Fco Angel Blanco "Latino ", Yoel Páez, Jesus Santandreu, Moises Bautista, Josvi Muñoz and Dani Flors.

For this seminar we will be working again with Berklee College of Music from Boston (USA), which as you probably know, has begun an ambitious project activity 'Berklee Valencia'.

We will also have, once again, the assistance and cooperation of our Portuguese colleagues "Das Music Guild."

The mixture of activities to be carried out is very broad and it is open to students of any academic level. These include: Novice materials and courses, Master Classes in various subjects, instrument lessons, composition courses for Wind Band, Basic and Advanced Modern Harmony, Training Groups, Ensembles, Big Band, Children's Band, teachers' concerts for students, and a final concert.

In addition to our traditional Jazz Workshop for Children and Children's Band, we offer rich and innovative activities, the implementation of interactive concerts under the title "Jazz Baby" by Collective Sedajazz, which will stimulate and awaken the senses of children. An experience directed to children under 4 years old accompanied by their parents.

As always we have an added attraction, we will enjoy the XV International Jazz Festival Palau de la Música.

This is a very special year for Sedajazz we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Big Band and want to share this joy with you through all these activities we are doing in 2011.

See you in Valencia.


To register you only have to fill out the registration form and deposit the payment in the account of B. Santander 0049.4524.91.2110003786 * putting Sedajazz as the beneficiary and seminar in the subject box. Once you have made your payment please scan the receipt and send it by email to

* For international transfers:

Banco Santander, Office 4524 Sedaví, Av Albufera

IBAN ES68.0049.4524.9121.1000.3786


€ 220 paid before July 1, 2011

€ 240 after July 1, 2011

Jazz Workshop for children:

€ 70 (2nd sibling 50% discount)

Registration form (Click here)

On the registration form fill in all your personal details and do not forget to put in the field Workshop or activity "Seminar 2011" or "Children´s Workshop 2011."  Fields that state 'interests´ and `availability´ do not need to be filled.

For any queries or requests for more information please call us on +34. 963.76.56.55 or send an email to




Jerry Bergonzi, Tenor Sax (Boston, EEUU)

Jesús Santandreu, Tenor Sax, (Valecia, ESPAÑA)



Mike P. Mossman, Trumpet (NYC, EEUU)

Toni Belenguer, Trombone (Valencia, ESPAÑA)




Rick Peckham, Guitar (Berklee College of Music - Boston, EEUU)

Dave Santoro, Double Bass (Berklee College of Music - Boston, EEUU)

Andrea Michelutti, Drums (ITALIA)

Iván "Melón" Lewis, Piano (CUBA)




Joey Blake, voice (Berklee College of Music - Boston, EEUU)




 Yoel Páez, percussion (CUBA)



 Fco. Blanco "Latino", Sax, Flute and pedagogical teacher  (Valencia, ESPAÑA)


Moisés Bautista
, Piano and pedagogical teacher (Valencia, ESPAÑA)



Perico Sambeat, Alto Sax and Flute, (Valencia, ESPAÑA)

Zé Eduardo, Double Bass, (PORTUGAL)

Josvi Muñoz, Sax and Clarinet, (Valencia, ESPAÑA)

Dani Flors, Guitar, (Valencia,ESPAÑA)

 Educational Activities

Instrument classes:

     * Metal (Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Horn ...)

     * Wind Wood (Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe ...)

     * Piano

     * Guitar

     * Double Bass and electric bass

     * Drums

     * World Percussion (Latin, African, Flamenco, Brazil ...)

     * Vocal

  Instrumental ensembles:

     * Ensembles (Various Styles)

     * Combos

     * Wind Band

     * Big Band

     * Children's band

We also offer: Master Classes, specializing in Jazz, Jazz Workshops for children, conferences, etc.

 Concerts and Parallel Activities

Novice Concert training will take place before the Jam Sessions in the Hall of Palau de la Música and after the concert Palau Jazz Festival on 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 July.

     * Concert Band Jazz Kids Workshops for children on Friday, 8 July, at 13:00 h. in the Lucrezia Bori room.

     * interactive concert for children up to four years, under the title "Jazz Baby" by Collective Sedajazz, Saturday 9 July at 12am. inscriptions

     * Final Festival concert at Sala Rodrigo Seminar on Friday 8 July from 21:30. This concert will involve all students in the seminar combos and finally, teachers Combo. After that, after 00:00 pm there will be a Jam Session of the Seminar in the Orange Hall.

     * Special Concert:

Sunday 10 July at 19:30 pm in the Sala Iturbi.

Sedajazz Big Band 20 Anniversaire

Original Soundtrack from "Chico y Rita"

Dir arr.: Mike P. Mossman

Feat.: Perico Sambeat

 Accomodation Nearby

- Hotel Puerta Valencia (0.4 km)

Avenida del Cardenal Benlloch, 28, 46021 Valencia

+34 963 936 395


- Purple Nest Hostels (1.1 km)

Plaza de Tetuán, 5, 46003 Valencia

+34 963 532 561


- Pensión París (1.1 km)

Calle de Salvá, 12, 46002 Valencia

+34 963 526 766

- Russafa Youth Hostel Valencia (1.2 km)

Calle del Padre Perera, 5, 46006 Valencia

+34 963 289 460


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