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Del 12-01-19 al 12-01-19
Master Class a cargo de Joshua Harris
Sedajazz, entrada Alqueria Coca, 1 La Torre (Valencia)

Master Class a cargo del Saxofonista Joshua Harris

de 19 a 21 h.

Master Class
A quick philosophy: Western music is based on the major scale, a series of notes in a set pattern of whole and half steps. Music is about the space between the notes and the intervals that define those spaces, each one having its own vibration, color and character. Much of my approach to playing music is based on this philosophy, giving equal power to the ear as to the written note.


SOUND - ( a player is defined by their sound). These exercises are meant to help students establish a full tone with a good embouchure and intonation.

1. Ombouchure and Tone building exercises:
a. overtone series
b. harmonics
c. long tone exercises w/(dynamics), shaping the note.
d. breath cycle, throwing air off the abdomen for quick recovery.

2. Scales: Playing the scales and chords off the diatonic major scale.
(The Jimmy Heath lesson from the Harlem Jazz Mobile workshops)
a. From the root, ascending to the 9th, descending to the 3rd
b. Arpeggiating the chords derived from the diatonic major scale.
c. Three forms of the minor scale, same exercise applied.
Dorian, Aeolian, Harmonic minor, (or major minor scale).
d. Shaping scales to create fluid and linear shapes. (from my classical flute teacher James Scott.

3. Chromatic exercises to increase and facilitate a smoother technique:
a. Down a whole step, up a half step. (starting and finishing on chord tones)
b. Ascending and descending minor 3rds, major 3rds.
c. Semitones descending and ascending.

4. Improvisation: (Idea, Tension and Release). Your final choice of notes or colors is all based on what you hear, as you choose.
a. 5 chord categories and host scales.
b. Pentatonic scales and improvisation. Playing 5 different scales from 1 note.
c. Superimposing s step up and step down. (Stretching harmony to create tension)
d. avoiding the root and playing from the 3rd, 5t or other scale tones.

5. Open Discussion:
(music, business, improvisation, touring with the stars).

despues de l master class cena de sobaquillo y concierto:

The quartet will play mostly jazz standards, an original ballad and some groove jazz tunes.

Tenor sax: Joshua Harris
Drums: Andre Walker
Electric bass: Dario Puccioni
Key: Kontxi Lorente

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